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March Conversation Starters

By March 7, 2021March 4th, 2022Resources
Conversation Starters

Do you need some ideas for things to talk to your Little about? Check out our March Conversation Starters to help you and your Little learn about new topics and discover new hobbies and interests. 

If you haven’t done so lately, have a conversation with your Little about how you feel you did on your goals throughout the first semester and so far in the second semester.

March is Women’s History Month: Do some research on Rosie the Riveter. Check out this article from the National Women’s History Alliance about when Women’s History month started. Or read the stories of 11 amazing women. Check out our Women’s History Month blog post for more ideas. 

March is Irish American Month: Do some research on important Irish Americans. Research Ireland and more about Irish Culture.

March is Music in our Schools Month: Does your Little take music in school? What do they learn in music? Do they like it? Does your Little play an instrument? Did you play an instrument in school? Do you still? What are some benefits to learning music?

March is National Nutrition Month: Discuss the importance of nutrition. Share some good eating habits. Come up with a challenge for March with your Little. Can they eat a serving of vegetables every day for lunch? Drink 5 cups of water every day? Come up with some healthy recipes together. Check out our National Nutrition Month blog post for more ideas. 

March 7th is National Cereal Day: Do you like cereal? What is your favorite? What kind of cereal would you invent? Come up with a Cereal Box design.

March 10th is Middle Name Pride Day: Do you have a middle name? Share your middle name with your Little. Do you like your middle name? If you could change it to something else, what would you change it to? Create an acrostic by writing your Little’s middle name vertically on a piece of paper and develop adjectives that describe your Little for each letter. Ex. Mary=Marvelous, Adventurous, Radiant, Young. Decorate your acrostics together. 

March 14th is Learn About Butterflies Day: Look up some interesting facts about butterflies. What is their life span? How many kinds are there? What’s the difference between a moth and a butterfly? Draw, color, or sketch butterflies together.

March 16th is Giant Panda Bear Day: Look up some interesting facts about Pandas. What do they eat? How many are in captivity? Are they still on the Endangered Species List? What Does that mean?

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day: Does your Little celebrate? If so, how? Check out this video from theESOLodyssey about St. Patrick’s Day. 

March 19th is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!: Tell your Little what makes them absolutely incredible in your eyes. Ask them if they know any absolutely incredible kids. Check out this video from People are Awesome of kids doing incredible things. Be sure to remind your Littles not to try any crazy stunts at home. 😉

March 20th is International Day of Happiness: Write a list of 10-20 things that make you happy and see how many things you and your Little have in common. 

March 25th is Waffle Day: Do you like waffles or waffle cones? What are your favorite toppings? What would be some crazy things to try on a waffle or in a waffle cone?

March 26th is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: What is something you think is worth celebrating? What would be the best way to celebrate it? What part of the year would you celebrate?


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