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National Nutrition Month

By March 1, 2021Resources
Mentor and mentee baking for National Nutrition Month

Every March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics launches their annual National Nutrition Month campaign. It’s a chance to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthy eating and physical activity habits. It is also an excellent opportunity to teach your Little about the importance of having a nutritious diet and exercising daily. 

Below are some activity ideas that you can do with your Little to promote a nutritious and healthier lifestyle! 

Read Nutrition Labels and Boxes 

Ask your Little to save empty food product labels and boxes. Then, spend time reading labels and comparing the Nutrition Facts panels. Expand into a menu-planning opportunity, using MyPlate as the guide to a healthy meal. 

Start a Vegetable Garden

Some vegetables and herbs can be planted and grown in flower pots and containers like spinach, basil, peppers, and more. Plant some vegetable seeds and see if you and your Little can grow vegetables and then use them in a healthy recipe. 

Make a Healthy Snack with your Little 

Eatright.org has several healthy and kid-friendly snack recipes. Pick a recipe or two, buy the ingredients, and make it together with your Little. 

Encourage your Little to Exercise 

It is recommended for kids and adolescents to exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes daily! The next time you see your Little try: 

  • Taking a walk around at the park or the beach
  • Watching an exercise video together or join a free exercise class in the community
  • Go for a bike ride 
  • Play a sport together 

Check out more resources on the I’m A Big page. Your Match Support Specialist can provide you with the password. 


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