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#WellnessWednesday Mindfulness

By August 25, 2020Match Events

The final aspect of overall wellness we will look into this month is your mindset. So far, we have covered nutrition, sleep, and activity, all essential parts of overall wellness. Some will focus on these three, but we should not overlook mental wellness. How you feel mentally can affect your body and overall health in significant ways. HelpGuide describes some of the science behind the benefits of mindfulness. A healthy mind creates various mental and physical health benefits, leading to better overall well-being. 

There are several different activities to do to improve your mindset. On the website Mindful, you will find five ways to improve your mindset that incorporates the other three aspects we have covered in previous weeks. After doing these exercises, you will notice the difference in how you think daily. Improving your mindset will make the other three aspects more natural to incorporate into your everyday life. Try this out with your little this week and see the difference in how your week goes!


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