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#WellnessWednesday Healthy Sleep

By August 10, 2020Match Events

This week our insight into overall wellness is sleep! Sleep is essential to overall wellness because it the key to mental and physical performance throughout the day. 1 in every 3 Americans does not get enough sleep each night. This creates several negative impacts on our bodies as well as our minds. However, when we do get enough sleep, we can prevent getting sick, think better, and be healthier and happier. Healthline explains the multitude of negative impacts a lack of sleep has on our body and mind. 

Consistent bedtime and wakeup times are so important to help you sleep better. This gives you a regular sleeping time for your body to get used to. Avoiding computers, cell phones, and TV 30 minutes before bedtime also creates better sleep. See if you and your Little can try to set a bedtime and “unplug” from electronics 30 minutes before going to sleep. 

Did you know that making your bed in the morning can help you go to sleep at night? This week’s #WellnessWednesday challenge is for Bigs & Littles to make your bed every morning before leaving your room and see how this small change impacts your sleep each night.


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