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Match Story: Robin & Lisa

By August 17, 2021Match Stories
Match Big Lisa and Little Robin

Big Lisa and Little Robin reached their fourth match anniversary this August! Since the beginning of their match, Lisa has supported Robin in her school work. Lisa even gave Robin a few pointers to help her stay organized and improve her grades, especially math. Lisa helped Robin transition to high school last year, empowering Robin to feel confident in her potential to succeed. Robin finished the school year with all A’s and B’s in her classes and even made it on the honor roll! Robin is excited to graduate from high school in a few years and feels she will most likely attend college in the future.

Robin feels that Lisa is a positive role model in her life. Not only does Robin enjoy spending time with her Big, but she also feels very close to Lisa. When not hitting the books, these two enjoy watching movies at the theatre, going out to eat, and attending outings hosted by Big Brothers Big Sisters. During the pandemic, Lisa and Robin didn’t miss a beat. They stayed in touch via phone calls and texts so their friendship could continue to grow until they could see each other in person again.

As Robin continues to attain her goals and reach her fullest potential, there is no doubt that Lisa will be there to support her!

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