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Match Story: Calub, Mark & Craig

By June 17, 2021Match Stories
Match Story Calub, Mark & Craig

Meet Big Couple Mark and Craig with their Little Brother Calub. Despite only being matched since November 2020, these three have made so many great memories! When they first met, Calub didn’t know how to swim, so they decided to make this a goal they could work on together. Calub has already gained a lot of confidence in and around the water, jumping boldly into the pool.

When Mark and Craig pick up Calub for their outings, Calub climbs in their car and starts singing songs. Since they met in November, it started with Christmas songs, but Calub also likes to sing country music. The radio doesn’t even have to be on for Calub to start singing, and the Big Couple will join in when they hear a familiar tune.

Mark and Craig feel it is essential to start talking about college so that Calub knows he can achieve his goals, but when asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Calub says he wants to be Santa Claus!

Mark and Craig see Calub usually every other week, although if it were up to Calub, they would be getting together every week. Through their consistency and being paired so well, Mark, Craig, and Calub have many exciting adventures ahead!


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