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Match Story: Bianca & Alyssa

By May 19, 2021Match Stories
Match Story

Meet Little Bianca & Big Alyssa! They have been matched for five years in our Community-Based program. They have tried so many neat things together, like exploring local Asian markets, painting rocks at the beach, and taking a trip to the aquarium. Although the past year presented challenges, as it has for all of us, Bianca and Alyssa found ways to stay connected virtually by talking on the phone or playing virtual games together.

Lasts school year, Bianca was being picked on at school. Bianca was unsure what to do, so she went to her Big Alyssa, who provided words of encouragement to her Little and continued to check in with her. This school year, Bianca has been working hard in her classes while navigating her first year of high school and doing online courses. Bianca is glad to have her Big to help her navigate life’s challenges.

Bianca thinks her Big Alyssa is friendly, kind, and fun. Bianca says that her Big is very creative, and she is always happy when they are together. Because Bianca and Alyssa have been matched since Bianca was five or six years old, Alyssa says it has been a great privilege to watch her Little Bianca grow so much over the years.

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