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Nawal & Isaiah

Big Sister Nawal and Little Brother Isaiah have been matched since May of 2015. Right away Nawal and Isaiah had an instant connection. Nawal enjoys their time together. Isaiah calls his Big Sister Nawal on a regular basis to see how she is doing and to inform her of his academic progress. Isaiah plays football during the fall season and Nawal attends his games for support. Isaiah is excited when he sees his Big Sister at his games. Nawal lives far away from her family so last Thanksgiving, Isaiah asked his mother if he could invite his Big Sister to their Thanksgiving dinner. Isaiah didn’t want his Big Sister to spend the holiday alone. Isaiah’s mother approved and Nawal joined them for Thanksgiving last year. It was a wonderful time for the entire family and Big Sister. Big Sister Nawal and Little Brother Isaiah’s bond continues to grow and they are ready to create new memories that will last a lifetime. They are friends for life.

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