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Madalyn & Lizzet

Madalyn and Lizzet have been matched since 2010. When they first met, Lizzet was incredibly shy — to the point that she would have mild panic attacks over presenting at school or talking to strangers. Madalyn was incredibly understanding of this and endured many outings where she was the only one talking. Now, Madalyn says that Lizzet barely stops talking when they’re together. It took about two years, Madalyn said, for Lizzet to become that outgoing, but Madalyn was patient and determined to create a space for Lizzet to feel comfortable with her own thoughts and opinions and be able to share them. Many Bigs get discouraged after a year or two of spending time with a Little who remains quiet, but Madalyn was never frustrated by this and stuck with Lizzet. Madalyn said that she knows she and Lizzet are going to be friends forever and she is very glad that she and Lizzet were matched.

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