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Jimmie & Cedric

This is Big Brother Jimmie and Little Brother Cedric. They have been matched since July of 2019 and have been on the move ever since. Jimmie and Cedric enjoy exploring the city and all that it has to offer. Jimmie has been able to introduce Cedric to new things like learning how to swim, canoeing, fishing, and even helped him master the concept of bike riding. Cedric struggles with self-confidence so Big Brother Jimmie is always motivating him and reminding him of how great a kid he is. Jimmie not only does this with words but with his actions as well. Jimmie sets goals for Cedric and rewards him once he achieves the goals, whether it be personal or academic. Cedric’s favorite thing to do is ride in Jimmie’s car with the convertible top down. Talk about riding in style! Jimmie and Cedric are just getting started in their match relationship, but we are certain many great stories and memories will form out of their friendship.

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