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27 Ways to Say “You’re Great”

By March 27, 2021Resources

We all need a bit of encouragement now and then. From small successes to meeting big goals, it always feels good to hear “you’re great!” How will you show some encouragement to a child or Little in your life? Here are 27 ways to say “you’re great” to kids.

  1. You’re a terrific kid, I enjoy spending time with you!
  2. Thanks for showing good character when you . . .
  3. That’s a really creative idea.
  4. I’m impressed with how you solved that problem.
  5. You showed real leadership on that.
  6. Really nice effort!
  7. Will you show me how to do that?
  8. I appreciate when you . . .
  9. You did an outstanding job.
  10. I hope you feel proud of yourself!
  11. Looks like you put a lot of work into that and it paid off!
  12. You learned that really fast! I knew you could do it.
  13. Learning is about making mistakes — keep trying—you’ll get it.
  14. You showed good sportsmanship.
  15. That was so kind!
  16. Way to go my friend!
  17. Well done! That’s really a strength for you.
  18. How did you come up with that? Very clever!
  19. You get better at this all the time.
  20. I hear what you’re saying, that sounds important to you.
  21. That was beautiful, you’re so talented.
  22. I like when you try something new!
  23. When you say thank you it really shows you care.
  24. I love your sense of humor, you make me laugh!
  25. I admire when you . . .
  26. I know that was difficult but you showed a lot of courage!
  27. I believe in you!

Want to make a difference in the life of a child in our community? Find out how you can become a volunteer Big or donate to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay’s mentoring programs.


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