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Jacqueline & Yemi

Little Sister Jacqueline and Big Sister Yemi celebrated their 3 year anniversary recently! Jacqueline has many siblings and cousins in her family but was in need of a mentor who would spend one on one time with her exposing her to new activities and challenging her in her academics. She was initially enrolled when she was in the 2nd grade and has just started 6th grade. Jacqueline was very quiet, but now she voices her opinion and speaks up for herself. She has also continued to improve her grades at school. Big Brothers Big Sisters has not only been an experience for Jacqueline but Yemi as well. Yemi was born in Nigeria and has also been able to try new activities alongside Jacqueline. With Yemi also experiencing new activities alongside Jacqueline, Jacqueline felt comfortable in new settings and learned that she does not have to be perfect at everything. Yemi has been through some rough times with Jacqueline’s family with the passing of her younger brother’s father, changes in the family dynamic, and the typical challenges a pre-teen faces, however, Jacqueline has always shared how much fun she has with Yemi! Jacqueline hopes that she and her Big Sister will always be matched!

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